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tippman 98 custom with flatline barrel!

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comes in perfect condition i snagged this off ebay a month or so ago for 200 so id like to get that or near it for it its a great gun and comes with the 100 dollar flatline barrel for awsome accurecy. comes with 2 20pz tanks and mask and hoppers thanks

headunit-Alpine 9831

knukonceptz wiring

excessive amperage 180 amp ho alt

sub-18'' re audio sx sub n 6.5cubic box

amp-future sundown 1500 ;)

Big 3 with knukonceptz

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she should have like a post it note down there that says "black penis was here"





REF: fatryan; socermaniac6969; jonnybusa; jr2320; Calikid; blackbonnie; pitbull12888; skadude016; GriffinW; pickup1; dbolemiss; DBlevel ; cbrrocketrdr; dleccord; 2002XLT

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