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wtb or wtt: Gas rc car

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i have one but am no where close to giving it up


XTM X-Cellerator about 220- 250 in stores right now

its a good little truck

the only upgrade i did was to remove one of the head shims and use cold glow plugs .. and now i can make it stand on takeoffs

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I have this one, I got it prolly 3-4 years ago for my birthday from my dad. But I was younger than, didn't live with my dad, and never got it running. Had my cousin and his friend look at it and he said it needed some part he was supposed to get for me. But that was last summer. Pm me a price and if it sounds good I'll sell it, otherwise I'm bound and determined to get it working this summer.


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Traxxas Nitro Rustler. I got it awhile back and put a new engine in it but never go around to using it after that. I know that it has a bigger motor in it, maybe a .16 or .18? I dont remember, but it has a aftermarket muffler on it and that cost alot by itself. I cant find the bottom to the controller but I'm sure just about any Traxxas controller would work. It was fast with the stock motor, I wish I could have seen it with the new one but i dont have time anymore....






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