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FS: 19" Westinghouse LCM-19W4 Widescreen Computer Monitor

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Mint/near new condition. I have the original packaging and manuals. It even still has the original sticker on the monitor. I never took it off.


$160 shipped.


There are no built-in speakers like I've seen from some reviews. This is a great monitor.



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PM sent

Refs: angrytrucker78, mike dressure, 2000LaDe, BassAce


eBay: nomoredan33 - 43 pos feedback


Front: Cadence CWM-6 6.5 Comps

Comp Amp: Profile CA600 150w x2 @4ohm

Rear: empty

Subs: (2) Diamond Audio D6 12's

Box: Custom small ported enclosure

Sub Amp: Modded MTX1501d 2000w RMS @1ohm


Optima D34 Yellow Top in Trunk

Knu Konceptz 1/0awg Wiring

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