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Sony CDX-GT50W Head Unit

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got to use this deck as aloaner from walmart while my touchscreen gets afew warranty repairs taken care of....


the SQ is decent, certainly better than most lower line and older Sony's ive heard, which ive heard a few. the SQ still isnt up to par with my avh-p6600dvd's dual 24bit D/A converters, and the premier 880prs simply smokes this out of the water.


the features on the face are nice, i like the displays, there's plenty of them and they seem entertaining. relativly easy to use. the EQ is simple (being only 3 bands) and there's 2 little sound enchancers (BBE and DSO)....fidling wiht it enough i managed to find a setting thatll work for my SQ tastes, which is picky wiht a HU thats has only 3 bands on the EQ.


the preouts work nicely. though the p6600dvd is more powerful, i had to turn the gains up a bit to get it where i wanted.


all in all it's a decent deck but i wouldnt pay any more than 120 dollar for it new or used in good condition. i paid like $195 at walmart and i thank god im taking it back to get a refund when i get my touchscreen back. not worth 195.


Pioneer Avic N5 Navi + CD-UB100 USB Adapter. Circa '96 PPI Ax606.2 in BLACK with 2 black graphic spacers.

CDT DRT-25 1'' Silk Dome Tweeters / CDT ES-04 4'' Midranges / RE Audio XXX 6.5'' 2ohm Neo Mids In Glassed Kick Pods

American Power Systems 240amp H.O. Alty / (2) Deka 8a31, 1/0 front to back.

Random Prototype 3k @ 1ohm. TRF/PSI 8 layer 4in coil Monster 15 in 3 cubs @ 33Hz / Raammat 40sqft in the trunk.


You could put 12V to my balls and clamp my dick to get 3kW+.
Glad this got bumped so I could fap to it again.

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