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Looking for an amp 1200+ at 1 or 2 ohms

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So I head out to see what is available in my town for amps and go into all the places talk to the guys for awhile then get down to business. I tell them I'm looking for an amp that'll do about 1200-1500rms at 1 or 2 ohms,out of the 5 places these are my options (lucky me) Either an MA audio HK2000D Which has the output I want but is $950CAD (about $825US) or a Lightning audio Strike s2.1000 at $600CAD ($530US). Ouch, guess I won't be buying local. does anybody have anything for sale in the $200US range shipped to Canada?

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check out hifisoundconnections on ebay

orion d2400 is 1200w @ 1ohm

i ordered the smaller d1200 last sunday night, it got here wed afternoon. but its like 289+shipping or somthing, little more that what these guy have but its new.

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