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screwed up hole for one of my subs.

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well everything went perfect on my box............til i put one of the subs in and i cut out to much on the circle...i have no clue how i missed that but i did.


whats the easiest way to solve this problem without replacing the whole front panel?


basically the sub will sit in the hole fine but if i were to put in screw it would probably come out the side of the wood.


should i just do some predrills at a slight angle so my screws will catch all of the wood? thats the only thing i can think of right now and i think it should work.


if not, i might just have to cut a square out around the bare minimum of the cricle and just inster another piece flat with it, then glue it put some brackets on it and seal it.


but i just need some other suggestions if you got em

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no , you should just not half ass it and redo the front panel


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yeah i think im just going to do that, simple enough of a solution if i have enough spare wood layin around lol

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i mean if you must be lazt slap another front on top of it and recut the holes then your not tearing anything apart and you have a thicker front
Thats what I do all the time lol...recycle old boxes and sell them to friends FTW :naughty:

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It depends what it is goin in.


If it is a standard cab truck, you might not have enough room to do a double baffle. If space is not a problem, double that bithc up FTW.




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15 MT, 13.5 in. space, tripple baffle+some glassing= 1 sick box looks good so far though

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thats the best way is double baffeling it.

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in the process of doubling up the front. i scrapped a prefab box to do it to lol, it was a shitty ass box anyway

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90accordman i LOVE your avatar drunk chicks making out FTMFW!

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you could of always glued a small piece of 3/4" mdf to the back where hole sits redrilled the hole and just use a 3/4" longer screw.

but double baffle is a good idea if you have the space.



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yeah i doubled it up, recut the holes and made sure i didnt **** up any of the holes this time. I just gotta sand down one side of the box for the wood to even up with the rest and then paint in port and carpet it and im finally done!

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You could also sand and use body filler?

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or wood putty

x2... this is what you wanna use.

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