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Sempron 2600+, GeForce6100, 1GB PC3200, 200GB HDD, 15" FLATSCREEN---CHEAP

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Sempron 64 2600+ Processor

Integrated GeForce 6100 GPU

1GB Corsair ValueSelect RAM (PC3200)

200GB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm ATA100 Hard Drive


Floppy Drive

500W PSU


15" Dell Flat Panel Monitor

Mini Keyboard

Logitech Optical Mouse


I run World of Warcraft and NFSU:2 at good settings smoothly on this machine. I got some good use out of this box. Originally bought it for some classes I was taking to get my A+ certification. Now that I have it I'd rather have a laptop, so this has got to go to alleviate some cost. Machine will ship as is with XP Pro and a few other applications loaded on it, including a very sexy Windowblinds skin, which this comp will run without any noticable performance decrease.


This is a good deal on a machine that will handle almost anything you throw at it. I'm not a company, I can't offer any guaruntees, but I can say that this system has worked flawlessly for me for the few months that I've had it and is fully functional.



PRICEDROP! Machine + Keyboard + Mouse + Flatscreen for *350 SHIPPED*




PM if interested or it goes on ebay for more.


All of this is packed into a sexy Micro ATX form factor case:


Sigg'd for awesomeness.

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ill take case and hdd if you part it out.

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Kathy Sportsman

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Texarkana, AR 71854

United States

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Not looking to part it out, too much of a mess, I just need something to throw at my bank account cuz that laptop cost me a lot more than I planned on.


Will consider reasonable offers if you feel like taking a shot but I'm pretty firm. No trades though.


This is going up on ebay in a few days if I don't have any bites. Judging by the current selection of items up there I am sure I could get my asking price.

Sigg'd for awesomeness.

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You interested in any trades?



I have Pioneer AVX-P7000CD with brain and 12-disc cd changer that I can trade you. I also have a set of Kicker Resolution RS6 components and an Orion 300.2 amp?


If you are interested, please email me at james33440@hotmail.com

2001 Altima System:

Alpine CDA-9855 (3Way Mode)

Kicker Resolution RS6 Components (Active Setup)

CDT Tweeter Image Enhancement Kit

3 Ascendant Audio Arsenal 12's (Sealed)

Kicker KX650.4

Kicker KX1200.1 @ 0.67-ohm


My Video Thread


My CarDomain Rides

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