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Johnny Drama

**Dealer/Distributor/Retailer/Wholesaler Guidelines**

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**Dealer/Distributor/Retailer/Wholesaler Guidelines**


Apparently there have been complaints as to what is allowed for you to post and what isn't. We have set up a few guidelines for anyone that falls into the categories.


If you are offering any kind of service for sale or personal/company gain you are in this category. Doesn't matter if you work for Best Buy or yourself...you are not allowed to sell on here. Offering box building or plans is a service, you can not sell or advertise. CarAudio.com's classifieds are for members used equipment, nothing more.


Lets break it down...

  • All companies/individual that make, move or distribute, wholesale, show off products for the general public are in the category.
    • What isn't allowed...
      • Selling your products on this forum. This is forum wide, classifieds or general sections. You can not sell here. We are not for your financial gain.
        • The only exception to this rule are your personal items.

        [*]Advertising...You can not advertise here. If you wish to do so you MUST contact the webmaster. If he doesn't get back to you it obviously means that you can not advertise.

        • This includes your signature and avatar.

      [*]What is allowed...

      • Conversing with members about questions asked or questions that need to be answered. Doesn't have to be specific to your company.
      • Reviews of your products in the review sections
      • Questions to members about what they want to see from your company in the future.

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