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Zeuslicious FTW

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You're were a great seller. Easy to do business with. Thanks on the great deal. Hope to do business again. Chris

Pme if you want to get metered, I have Termlab ;)

Refs? lol, Click here.


*Alpine CDA-9835 / Alpine PXA-H701/RUX-C701 / Audio Control Epic 160 / Alpine pdx 4.150 / AA Polymids/Vifa tws / Team Soundigital 8000.1 - Stetsom 7K2D Modded / 2-15" TC-modded 5400's - 2-15" Ti Pro's - 2-15" RE Destroyers - 2-15" TRF's - 2-15" RD Audio HW / Second Skin / Monster cable & Knukonceptz Wire / 3-C&D High Rate Batterys*

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