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1 comp set vs 2 comp sets

which would keep up better  

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  1. 1. which would keep up better

    • Image Dynamics Chameleon (1 pair 150w 6 1/2)
    • Kicker or Alpine (2 pair 150w total 6 1/2's)

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i have a delimmia.


i am wondering what would be better for my front stage.


i have a orion 300.2 (75x2@4ohm) (150x2@2ohm).


i have a choice of gettin a set of image dynamics chameleons 6/12 @ 2 ohms (150w)




2 sets of 6 1/2 comps (kicker or alpine) that share 75w. One set in the door and one in a qlogic kick panel)


they will have to keep up with a Re Mt 12 @ 2500+ watts....




vote and tell why- thanks


Pioneer 860MP

Ohhhh forget it....this space changes so d*mn much cause even i don't know what i have or want!!!!!

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The IDs. Ive never heard them, but have heard nothing but good things. I would stay away from doing two sets of components as you have to factor in the chance of cancellation. Just do one quality set and feed it a lot of power. Its going to be tough keeping up with an MT but you can probably do it....

References: Lax916, AcidicDreams , Altima98 , mr Tibbs, Majette, giantgloworm, mattmcss, riogigalo, mysilver02alty, Woc47, Hintzyboy, oglejust, APitBullT, foreman, jhubbell, tmcilroy, pioneerpimp, Dre_ATL


Plus a ton more I never added, lol. If you are not on the list and you had a pleasant transaction with me, PM me!!!

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