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Profile AP1000M

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I bought this amp till I'm able to purchase something better when i have the money. Let me tell you that this amp is no punk by far . It didnt think it would push what it says it does 500rms @2ohms but when I hooked it up I was like daaaaaamn ...so much that I took it up to my buddies shop when I had it out when I was rewiring my car and had him bench test it and even though it did'nt put out what it said it would it did put out 456 watts@2ohms @ 14.1 volts.I bought this amp off ebay for 109 bucks .Now I dont no anywhere that you can get that wattage for that price.Gotta give Profile some props

Planet Audio mids and highs

12" Alpine Type-R 1242

Profile AP1000M

LightningAudio B.200.2


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