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hey guys need some help here, ive built a box for my 2 12's its 3.5cubes with 2 ports 4" x 12" long, subs are facing my back seats ports are firing up to my rear deck full plexi glass window in the back, now it sounds great, but i think it can sound better and i want to design a new wild looking box, i just need some help designing one, dont hate cause i have audiobahn subs...lol, and lots of plexi, and im thinking slot port or round port firing frontwards, maybe subs mounted upside down etc, be creative dont want a square box i wanna show off my subs, lemme know what ya think pm me or reply on here, maybe we can work something out

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Just fiberglass a box the way you like it. Then Pain it and invert the subs. There you have it.You could also do a flame job to your box or build it with flames recessed or sticking out.

New Build 2001 Silverado 2500HD

JBL Crown BPX2200.1, RE SE 10" quartet, .25 fiberglass, .75 mdf box. 5.2 cubes tuned to under 32 with 3 4" aeros.

Truck 96 Silverado blowthrough

JL W6v2 12" X 4, JL 1000/1 X 2, 141.5 DB drag 1st comp and no testing 148.8 db @ 53hz Outlaw


Bought from: wone

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Check your pm's :D

Setup in progress:

Subs: 2 15 inch Ascendant Audio Avalanches in a 7^3 box tuned to 30hz

Amps: 2 DEI 1500d's for subs, DEI 500/2 for components

HU: ?

Components: ?





refs: bjfish11, Chriscivic

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