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Help with DEH-P77DH and Sub

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I had a DEH-P77DH installed in my S-10 about 4 years ago and added an amp and sub about 2 years ago. Until about 4 months ago everything worked as it should, however about that time I starting noticing the sub would go in and out (work and then stop working) at random times.


In the last couple months it got worst and I discovered that when I push on the front of the headunit (right about the place where the connector from the face plate to the headunit is) the sub will work, however as soon as I stop pushing on it will stop working again. I have taken the headunit out and checked all the wiring to make sure nothing was loose, however the problems continues.


At this point I assume it is a bad connection between the faceplate and headunit (although not sure how that effects only the sub going in and out) and that the only solution is to get a new headunit). Any help, ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated.




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