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wtt screen for 15 or 12's

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will trade my screen for some badass a 15 or 2 12's. doesnt really matter. would need the subs + cash or a deck or something to even it up. screen is in my sig on the cardomain link below(2ndPage).lmk what you got. screen comes with evrything you need to isntall it...brain,cables,harness,wires,remote.

2008 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab Texas Edition

(2) Image Dynamics 12Idqv.2's

Hifonics bxi1206d

Custom poly urethane enclosure under rear seat

Panasonic Double-din

Diamond Audio D3 components and coaxials

100% Pure Sound Quality



kotec123, jordantyler, kevinws6, colim+m, cobracommander, towncar, ionsql, bigwill, livnlife, iamamp3pimp, cazorp, grassroots



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