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6.5 Type S Coaxials *Pictures*

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They aren't the most expensive but They do great for me and where easy to install. It looks like the window handles get in the way but they don't(that is the reason they are on an angle because the spoke design got in the way this way they don't). I am going to move the placement of the drive side one but they went in easy in under an hour, Pretty good for a 17 year old what ya think? I also have to set the amp!:)





ooops forgot one screw going back out to put it in. hahah.

HU: Alpine CDA-9853

Front Speakers: Alpine Type S 6.5 Coaxils

Alpine Type S 6.5 Components

Amp: Alpine V12 MRV-f407(4 channel)

Amp: Kicker kx 1200.1 (2)

Sub: SOLO X 12, Box: Ported 4cubes 36hz

Wiring: Stinger 1/0AWG 250 amp fuse, Big 3: 1/0AWG, Viper 3000 Alarm

Yellow Top Battery,180 Amp Iraggi Alternator



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