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Custom box idea's (need some help)

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2 12w6v2's lookn for some ideas on a box. I dont want to do the standard sealed and box look. I would like something custom shoots some ideas. I have a pretty large suv maybe some photoshop people to make something look cool???


here is a link to show what the rear looks like

(this is not my car and this one looks like shit but thats the same size rear as mine) the side door in the rear is not opened on that one like it can do





this one has a better rear look to it




The car is a 1994 isuzu trooper but most of all of them I believe have the same look in the cargo area

Ref List........seth350 REq mabel4life foreman ThumpInDaTrunk DOHCrazy bigwheel15 Naxis2k1 Gaffney982 Exploder 97 kustyn727 Termlab its_bacon12 Ecko072Unltd Nikuk nikosbuddy dbman150 cardinalsfan jeremyzach

jester7500 BUMPING150S JackFrost Mark Garcia PDizzle2oo5 valeech Raven KngOfThePkngLot thunder9500 apw122 Niggz89 springy101 Viper118 _DjScrew_ PepsiFiend69 diatribe XtrmAudioCncpts raven2201 slick rick bjfish11 wj94


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