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Soundsaround is a local retailer of car and home audio products in Calgary, AB Canada. Thier stores are fancy, thier salesmen are smooth, but thier installers are the SHITS, excuse my french.


Over the years, due to lack of time on my part I have went there to have certain components installed. I had to dismantle whatever they'd done at any time, and rewire/configure.


Thier substandard installers do whatever it takes to do the install, and have it working for pick up, but once thier tape, and poorly grounded equipment starts to fail, you see the true colors or thier speedy in-and-out install.




Im being serious here... As a 15 year enthusiast in the 'sport' I can honesly say that thier installers are no better than any other ameteur installer.



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I can second that.

My buddy went there to get his system installed, and they told him that his stock rear speakers in his daytona are better then the aftermarket kenwood 6x9's and the sound from the subs will drown out the sound anyways. Now i dont have many years of experience in car audio..but that just seems wrong.:crazy:

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