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Eclipse CD5442 ESN E5

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this a good head unit? i can get this HU and an Eclipse EQUALIZER 2102 1/3 octave competition equalizer both for $300 i could probably get the guy down to $275 do you think its worth it or buy a different head unit


Head Unit: Pioneer Avic-Z150bh

Front Stage:

Front Stage Amp :

Subwoofers: 12" Soundsplinter RL-P (not sure if I'm going to use it)

Sub Amplifier:




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As long as everything works, and the deck isn't stolen(locked up), that is a great deal.

2002 Honda Accord SE sedan


RF 8250


Dynaudio 220 components

JL Audio 12W6V2 sub

JL Audio 300/4 amp

JL audio 500/1 amp



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