wiring up a PG TANTRUM???????????

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this amp has 2 sets of + and 2 sets -

like this on the amp:


the question is since i only have 1 sub, how to wire?

i chose far right +, far right -, is this correct?

i wonder because since my amps birthsheet was 1450w @ 4ohm, at 3ohm on my JL 12w7, it would be pounding insanely, but its is NOT, i mean its cool, but bot insane like i was expecting, I have a line driver and still needed to increase the gain to get a solid bump.......

does it not say anything about it in the manual?

I ask cause I just ordered one of these amps today. I will be pushing three 12W3s for now, then getting a RE XXX soon.

no the manual doesnt say anything about it, but the guys at the PG message board says they are connected internally so it doesnt matter which you use...

i was gonna get the xxx as well but got an insane deal on my w7....


I hate to hear that your amp is not pushing that W7 like you would expect. I hope that it is a simple problem that is fixable. Cause I am expecting mine to push my speakers hard as hell. especially when I get that XXX.

how much do you have the gain turned up to?

It may not be receiving enough amps from you battery/alt to produce the power. I don't think the line driver has anything to do with the volt power rating. If the amp is not receving the right amount of volts then it will not put out the high output wattage.

I say this thing on ebay I am going to get soon also to go with my tantrum. It is a Phoenix Gold Power Grid. It is awesome. Especially if you think about getting a cap or two. It is a 10 farad cap along with being a dist block. It accepts a 1awg power and ground input and has 4 outputs for power and 4 for ground.

yeah i was thinking that about the battery and such, but i just replaced a memphis st1100, it was hitting hella hard with no problems.......

is that memphis amp a class D? the Tantrum is a class A/B which uses more power from you elec system, and also it puts out about 300 more watts at full power.

yeah thats a good point, the d are different than the A/B, but i dont notice any dimming or anthing to indicate high current draw....

that thing looks cool, cost almost as much as the amp.lol

yeah but if you are considering caps and all, it isn't that bad. after you buy a cap or two and a couple dist blocks this thing doesn't cost much more. caps usually run about70-100 bucks and that is for a 1 farad. this thing is 10 farad.

I am getting some equip installed in my new car thursday I think I am going to borrow my brothers dist blocks for now istead of buying some and order this thing.

you say its setup --++ wel do it like this -x+x

going from left to right put the negative where 1st x is and put positive where 2nd x is

reason why your sub isn't pounding is probably b/c you haven't moves the silver knob. Make sure that you have it on LPF/LPF where if you're looking at the amp at that view (from the side) its almost laying flat. Then set everything else up as far as ssf/level/bass boost (if u want)/LPF.

let me know if this helps if not, pm me again and i'll give u my phone number so you can call me WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE AMP and i'll walk u thru it.

I may need some input on it as well when my Tantrum comes in.

I ordered that PG Powergrid today and it will be here monday. I was going to be spending about the same amount on caps and dist blocks so I said screw it and ordered it.

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