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Hi guys,

So I am about to completely redo my entire sound system in my 98 pathy and need some help figuring out how much wire and odds and ends I will need.

So far what I've got:

Replaced headunit with Kenwood z828

Ordered Boston Pro's 2way comps

Ordered snail shell for single 15"

Got a pre-order on a XXX 15" whenever they get back in stock

Crossfire tek 150.2

2nd amp will either be a Hifonics Brutus 1500 or a mtx 81000d

Plan to replace battery with a yellowtop 34/78

Do the Big 3 and possibly use a Batcap 400 or end up getting an new Alt but seems hard to find good Nissan HO alt's for Pathys.

So far I have 2 20" stinger bullet series RCA's. This should be all I need as far as RCA's right?

Next I want to replace all my speaker wire with 12ga. I will probably not replace my rear fill 6 1/2's right away and either run them off HU or leave them disconnected for now but I want to do the speaker wire all at once. So if anyone is familar with this body style SUV and done the wiring on them, how much speaker wire am I looking at? Tweets, Front 6 1/2's, Rear 6 1/2's, and wiring sub. Do I just run speaker wire from the HU to them? Do I also need some to run from amps to crossovers or anything? Was thinking 60-75 ft?

Next is power wire. I'll be replacing the weak 8ga I have now with 0/1 ga. I plan to take it to a fuse anl distro box and split out 4/8ga to amps and ground. Possibly fitting in a Batcap 400 if I do use one. Then enough left over to do Big 3. Thinking 40 ft 0ga and 10 ft 4ga and 10 ft 8ga?

Also any ideas on terminals, clamps, or y-boots? Little odds and ends that make things cleaner? I know this is alot to cover but I've never done a full blown install myself like this and I want to be ready when I do it.


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