Wire Gauge Size, Ebay?

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Ok I am awaiting the arrival of my 2 RE HC12"s, my 1500 HiFonics Brutus Class D amp, and my box from gnomeaudio.. i can't wait.. but I was going to get it installed by guys in town, but me and my pal decided to try and save me 70 bucks or so. Is that stupid? Well anyways, if we do it, what size wire should i get/ what brand etc.. and also would it be cheaper on ebay or any place u reccomend. ? thx- Andrew

ummm i wouldnt use less than 4g maybe even 0g. brand wise... hit up walmart and get one of their 4g kits like $25

or knukoncepts(sp?) has some good products i hear

ur not stupid for doin it urself wit the right looks it will go quick and easy

i'm surprised they're only charging 70 bucks, but still.. do it yourself. you'll be glad you did. most shops will butcher your car, simply because they don't care about it.

abe m.

^Thats why i did it myself, I didn't want some shop breaking things or messing with my car at all. Just go at it preparing to get frustrated, and you'll do fine. (and trust me, you will get frustrated) Also, wiring it before you get it is a very good idea, maybe a little each day. Just so you don't have that feeling of, ohh i need to get this done now so i can hear all my new stuff...cause thats when things get ugly.

You need more than 4ga wire. You might as well run atleast 2ga, but probably better off running 0ga. http://www.knukonceptz.com will have everything. Yes you should also wire it before you get it, its nice to have your system running 15 minutes after you get it in the mail.

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