WHy is my amp cutting out??

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Ok this is whats up. I checked all my wiring and everything is secure. When I am driving the music seems to start skipping beats, Im guessing the amp is cutting out and the sub stops working. This only happens when I turn the music above medium range, or whats really wierd is when I push my brake while driving it also seems to cut out. Im puzzled. I took it to good guys and asked the manager a few questions and he told me I may have to run my power wire directly to the battery instead of to the distributer by the foot panels(where it is now). What do you all think of that? BS or true? The system that I have at the moment is a Kvt-911 kenwood deck, 500/1 JL amp, 10w7, and a cap. All the necessary wiring too.

I hope some of you pros know what the problem is, or have any of you out there had the same problem? Any info at all is GREATLY apprietiated.

Do you not have a power wire that is run from the amp directly to the battery? You are going to need at least an 8 guage although I would use 4 guage wire from your amp straight to the battery + terminal

it could be a loose speaker wire, when i used to push on the brakes the wire was so loose that the sub would stop working or skip a few beats, then when id take off it would turn on again, check to make sure the wiring is tight and secured, and does the amp cut off when this happens or does the subs just stop working?

nevermind u already checked ur wiring, get a voltmeter and check to see if your volts are dropping below the requried voltage for the amp to be running on

OK i found the problem, it was the dang remote wire that was wired to the wrong freakin place. O well my system is finnaly complete, and the 10w7 is HEETIN!Thanks for you ideas though guys.

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