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I have a 1995 BMW 325is and am definately going to redo all the speakers and i am going to wait on doing subs till later. I'm not sure what size the speakers are in my car and how many....in each door there is a tweeter, and another speaker hole, not sure if its a mid or what size then in the rear there is a larger one on each size, so i guess i have a total of 6 "speakers". Since i'm doing subs yet i want components with good mid bass but i want something really LOUD, what is a nice set of components for something under 200 total? i also have a jbl 600.1 mono amp to power all this.

this is a newbie question but do component sets come with a set of tweets, mids, and full size ones? and would the sound in the car benefit from a set of 6.5's or something in the kick panels?

A set of components come with 2 mid drivers 2 tweets and 2 crossovers. I do not like kick panels what so ever. It all comes down to the direction in which the sound is pointed.

Next why are you going to run a MONO amp to a set of stereo speakers. So if I hear you right, you want to run 6 speakers on 1 channel? ODD

A decent set of components run about 75 on up. Granted there are some out there for over 1,000.00 but that is WAY too much. I like a company many people may not have heard of. P B (power Bass ) Audio. Concept makes a good speaker, infinity, alpine, and MB Quartz. Are just a few I would use. I just heard of a company called crystall audio, I do not know a lot about them, but there product sounded pretty good. There set runs about 60.00.

the only reason i said i had the mono amp is because i decided to do my sub setup later on and have the amp but them i was told by someone that the mono amp isn't good for components.

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