Which system should I get?

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I have priced two systems, both have their ups and downs but i would like to know from you guys.

So should i get:

System 1:

Deck: Panasonic CQ-C8100U

CD Changer: CX-DP880

Front Speakers: Infinity Kappa

Rear Speakers: Infinity Kappa

Subwoofer: 2- Diamond Audio M6 12D2

Amp Front/Rear: JBL GTO 80.4

Amp Subwoofer: JBL GTO 1200.1


System 2:

Deck: Alpine 9833

Front Speakers: Alpine 6-1/2" w/Tweeters

Rear Speakers: Alpine 4"x6"

Subwoofer: 2- JL 10" W6v2

Amp Front/Rear: JL 300.4

Amp Subwoofer: JL 500.1

I'm looking for overall sound quality and I want the bass to hit hard but sound good. They are both around the same price. Any suggestions?

Screw that, get Resonant Engineering.
wow, thats a great suggestion, i guess that solves his problem on what system to get .

i'd go with system # 2, even though i am not a big fan of alpine speakers, the 9833 is a nice deck and the JL w3v2 subs are great subs with good SQ and output. system # 1 should be louder without a doubt, but i think that system will sound a little better.

since you priced them out already, what was the difference in price between the two? i'm just curious.

wow, they cost the same basically, i would have thought that system #2 would be noticeably more, i guess not. i still hold on to my choice, #2.

what kind of alarm? and is a cd changer really that important? if it is, then maybe some modification to #2 might be in order. like getting rid of the rear speakers and getting a channel amp, like the 300/2 instead of 300/4. i would rather have the alarm than the cd changer though, especially when you spend so much on a system.

tough choice again, i still would say #2 because i'm not a huge fan of the products in system #1 (especially those ***** of the industry infinity kappa's, i think they just sound awful, harsh highs and no midbass, but thats just my opinion.).

here is my setup

Deck: Alpine 7995

Front Speakers: MB Quart psd213's

Rear Speakers: Boston NX97's

Subwoofer: 1- JL 10" W6v2 ported to 28hz

Amp Front/Rear: JL 300.4

Amp Subwoofer: JL 500.1

it sounds really good for me, and im a fan of alpine decks because it is really easy to change the settings

i dont know if that helped you but i tried

does the bass hit hard? like if you have it up can you feel it if you stand outside of your car? I knwo this guy that was runnin 2-Kicker L7s i dont know how many watts but you could feel the bass from like 100 feet away, thats kinda what im going for haha....and another question for all of yall, im pretty much have decided to get system 2 but with boston aucustics for reg. speakers maybe have components in front and rear havent really decided yet. any suggestions?

I'd go with #2 except change a few things ...
1) Going with an MP3 player is a much more efficient choice than a CD Player + Changer ... This is a big reason for choosing #2

2) Alpine speakers aren't spectacular ... I'd look at the Infinity Kappas, Kicker Resolutions, JL VR/XR lines ...

3) Just get a single 13W6v2 ... Much more cost effective, takes up less space, requires less power ...

4) JL amps = overpriced ... I'd go with something that's a better value but still of excellent quality ...
I agree, maybe try to take advantage of the RF '03 amps that are at a decent price online, and look into the RE SX12, or Eclipse ALum 12, they can also be found cheaper online now

im sorta locked into what im priced concidering this is all that these two dealers sell and i dont know the know how to do it myself...but does anyone think that uping the 500.1 to a 1000.1 would be better than what im runnin?

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