Which amp to power an RE10?

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I went to a stereo installer here in town, and he was trying to pressure me into installing a Quantum 10" subwoofer (or a JL 10" for $99), a (5-channel?) amp, a box, etc.

I told him I was just going to get the subwoofer somewhere else and have them install it. He then asks which subwoofer I'm going to get, and I told him the Resonant Engineering 10". He goes on, "Why would you get a subwoofer no one has even heard of?" I just told him I'll be back to get them to install it if I get it, and I left. He was putting too much pressure on a sale that wasn't going to happen!!

Anyway, what amp would you suggest to run the RE10, and four aftermarket speakers? First he told me I needed 2 amps, 1 to run the speakers, then 1 to run the subwoofer. Then he tells me a 5-channel amp will do. What would you guys suggest?


Either a good 5 channel like the Memphis Belle (maybe a little too much power for an RE8) or a good 400 watt mono amp like a Crossfire VR400 and another four channel.

Another good option is the Helix amp off of boostcaraudio.com. It is a 6 channel and you could bridge two of them for the sub.

The speaker I'm going to install is an RE 10, not 8. I don't want two amps...I think that'd be a little too much and a little costly for what I'm trying to do.

I'm also looking for the cheapest with the best quality (who isn't?!).

You might actually be better off with 2 amps.

If you get the re 10 and a profile ca400m or ca600m should work nice. Then to power you speakers get a profile amp that pushes like 75x2 at 4 ohms. That should be pretty cheap.

And what ever you do, don't go back to that store and get it install. A lot of time they purposely sabotages the subs and tell you that you should of listen to them, blah blah blah, just so you end up buying a sub from them eventually.

Well, I went ahead and got them to do everything.

I ended up getting one 10" Quantum sub, an amp, a custom box, and installation for $370 including tax. Sounds great too! I love it. I didn't want too much bass, so it turned out perfect.

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