where to put tweets in a maxima...any ideas?

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i have a nissan maxima, and the stock speakers are 6.5" allround. I'm getting a 4-ch profile amp, and later I want to get some CDT 61-A's in the front. problem is i don't know where to put the tweets...

I've seen another maxima with the tweeters RIGHT beside the midbass (by the legs).

But i'm looking for GREAT SQ and want it loud...and i thought it would be better to have the tweeters at head level...please correct me if im wrong.

i need ideas on where to install them...i was thinking there may be room to install them beside the door handles but im not sure

And is there any way to put them in the door pillar?

lastly will your ideas be somewhat easy to install myself...i have NO idea how to take my door panel off, but i guess i can figure it out somehow...

Now this may or not make sense to do in your car, because i had an eclipse when i did it and it was cool. I had 2 pairs of MB Quarts tweeters.

I put one set in the part of the door that is right uner the side mirrors, there happened to be space within the door for them to be flush mounted in and not disturb the power windows.

The 2nd pair I put in the pillar just behind the front doors, (as there are no back doors in eclipses). If your car is a 4 door this may not work. That set up yeilded incredible SQ and gave a cool surround effect to the car (of course i had the amps, eq's, crossovers and a nice deck to do it)

If I were you I would flush mount them where ever you decide to put em'... it' looks much cleaner.

Some maximas come with a bose stereo system. this system apperently has components because there is tweets in the doors. i have seen a few maximas like this but the one that seemed the easiest was a 98 GLE it had the tweets in the door panel, kinda by the side mirrors, look for some pictures mabye

Well it sort of depends on what type of maxima you have, but I have a '96 Nissan Sentra, which is built similarly to the maximas of around that time. On the top of the door panels, there's a plastic part where I've seen people with Nissans cut holes for their tweets. It is not only aesthetically pleasing if you do it right, but it seems like an ideal placement for tweeters. The only disadvantage of doing so is that you have to cut holes in your door panels.

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