when does a sub blow??

The RMS has nothing to do with a sub blowing. I've blown a sub with an RMS of 1000 and max power of 2000 with just 500 watts on it, b/c of a big bass boost. Try pushing on the sub, if it makes a weird noise or feels different than it normally would as it goes in, it is blown. It could be blown even if that doesn't happen, but that is a pretty good indicator.

could be the way that you had it hooked up to the amp... or the amp to the car. If the resistance isn't correct than that could cause some problems. Are you sure that it is the sub and not the amp that is pushing it?

also... it could blow the sub if you are trying to play all ranges of sound out of it. I blew my first system because i just hooked it up without and low pass filter and didn't really pay attention to how it sounded.... however it still made noise, just sounded like ass afterwards

Subs blow for a couple reasons. Thermal overload, meaning you just plain burn out the voice coil and mechanical failure meaning the subwoofer physically breaks. Take an ohmeter and check the voice coil. Should read around 3.2 ohms or so for 4 ohm sub and around 6 or so for an 8ohm. A little less than 2 ohms for a 2 ohm voice coil. If it reads open then the voice coil is burned open or a problem with the tinsel leads... If it read a dead short then its shorted out, duh...

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A subwoofer "blows" when it reaches it's limit as a mechanical device. This can happen in many different ways, but the most common "blow" is a misaligned spider or damaged surround.

Other damage to speakers can be from other electrical influences like thermal overload where the coils get too hot and burn a hole in the spider.

a good way to tell if a sub is blown is to take a look at the dustcap. If it says "audiobahn" on it, its probably blown. Audiobahns are notorious for not being able to handle their rated power and if you start clipping your amp it doesn't even have a chance.

got a friend that has a 10" Audiobahn flameq wich will not produce sound.... it has a 900 watt RMS so, i would think that would be pretty hard to blow..... any ideas on repairing it?

my friend = same sub & same problem...

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