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I bought a sub. It stopped working. It was a valid warrantee claim. It's been out of my hands for over 4 months. I'm not getting any response from the dealer. WTF DO I DO?

"The company orders recone kits in batches."


And for those of you who feel like lecturing me about how "there are more happy customers than angry ones", bite me. I'm not a happy customer. I paid half a grand for a quality piece of equiptment, not a doorstop to use for 2 months and send it back, never to see it again. Also, if you are ordering something Adire, don't order from Jlaine, unless you enjoy not getting responses.

It's unbelievable. It's not a foreign car.. it's a sub. Adire is selling subs, THE PARTS ARE THERE. DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T HAVE PARTS. If anyone is curious why RE took over this board, this is exactly why. You have David who comes here, answering questions, making sure people are interested, and even supplying customer service on occasion.

Where are you Adire? Do you even exist anymore?


Man that really sux. Do you have a phone number you can call them at?? I usually get my problems worked out quickly on the phone with any company.

It's always possible that paperwork was misplaced, and they just don't know what the broken sub is doing there. Kinda unlikely thought.

I hope you get it all sorted out.

Next time though, you can order from RE. They have provided me with great customer support so far, and I should have my 2 HC 15's by thursday //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

Can't wait.


First here is some inside info. Contact Adire and find out if they received your sub, if they didn't it's probably sitting in the store right where you left it. A lot of stores do not deal with warrantee claims right away at all. Does this store still sell Adire and were they an authorized dealer? If they were not an authorized dealer it may infact be a year and a month of Sundays until you see your sub back, if you do get it back. If Adire has it, 4 months is absurd, impress upon them to deal with it and extend your warranty period. Just last month I received back a Soundstream Davinci that I sent in for service over 3 years ago. Problems do happen that are beyond our control. Turns out that Soundstream was bought and sold and distributors added and dropped in that 3 year period and they were not sure where the amp was, then who was paying to fix it, where it got moved to, then when they could not find it, 6 months later the new owners swent me a brand new amp. Kudos to the new owners of Soundstream for returning faith to a well respected American company.

Yes, I can understand your point of view in that situation. I sent my driver to Jlaine, the authorized dealer I bought it from. He's supposed to do the recone himself, but he needs a recone kit from Adire. Adire "doesn't have any recone kits in stock", so he can't do the recone.

My problem is, Adire won't send him a recone, and he (Jlaine) won't respond to me concerning any of my questions about the situation.

So here I sit, twiddling my thumbs, as no one will tell me what's going on with my friggin driver. I'm calling Adire monday, if I don't get the answer I'm looking for, I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. I've been quite patient up to this point, no more games.

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