what type of crossover is this and an unrelated re8 question?

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one of those simple crossovers that you can put between HU speaker wiring and the speaker? the simplest a crossover can get; like a single electrical component or something?

how do you order some re8s? They seem too good to be true...$50 for one? I'm at the respl.com website but this flash-stuff is just taking forever (56k) and I go to the product section and don't see anywhere where it's like buy/purchase/etc.


#54 passive crossover

that'll answer your first question

as for the second one, I think you have to email them to order them, but I am also trying to order some and they seem to have a problem with replying to my emails recently... so good luck with that, hope someone else can be of more help than I was.

Call them up. Things work much quicker when you talk to someone direct at RE Audio.

An email from RE to ME //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

Please call us at (702)896-4823 to place an order.

I can give you an even simpler crossover, simply take a capacitor, preferably non-polarized, and put it in the path of one of the speaker wires ging to the speaker....Simple 6 db per octave High pass filter that varies cutoff point with the size of the cap. The higher the capacitance, the lower the cutoff....The lower the capacitance...the higher the cutoff...I think I got that right. Note this is also dependant upon ohm load as well. For a low pass crossover take an inductor (coil of wire) and put in one of the speaker wires terminals for a simple 6 db per octave low pass filter. Cutoff point also varies with the amount of inductance and final ohm load.

ok, visionary wants $55 for one, $50 for two or more - haven't talked to re directly yet

for the capacitor - any loose/relative/estimate approximation on what capacitance=what frequency

Umm yea I have a chart for 4 ohm final loads I think. Just tell me what cutoff point you want and I can give you the size of the cap for a high pass and the amount of millihenries (sp?) for the inductor.

all I really need is just a high pass (and the final load will most-likely be 4ohm) - somewhere between 70hertz - 200hertz cause I wanna experiment

we're talking small capacitors like in the [micro|pico]farads right?

Don't use just a cap. Running just a cap inline with the speaker will not have the effect that you want and many times will make you worse off. The impedance of the speaker changes across its frequency range and has a decent sized peak at resonance. The cap and the inductance of the driver at resonance can have the effect of boosting the output at that point and it can actually be louder at that point (below your desired crossover freq) than it is in the frequency band that you want to play. Adding the inductor to make a 2nd order 12dB per octave filter is always a better option and does not suffer from the above problem.

Yea well I was just simply stating that you could use a simple cap or an inductor to use as a simple 6 db per octave c/o. Also if you want to know the values of the cap and inductors you need to produce a 12db per octave c/o then I can also give that to you as well as long as its a 4 ohm load. I think I even have charts for values for an 18db per octave c/o.

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