What sub for my JBL BP1200.1???????

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Just got my JBL BP1200.1, blew my Hollywood ED1224 in 30 mins Rest in peace lil buddy

So now I gotta get something new. I'm more of a SQ type of guy, dun't listen to the rap.

Any suggestions on the SUB I should get? I'm looking at about $200 MAXIMUM to spend so anything underthat would be cool and also I am only going to push ONE sub. I only have a single sealed box and I'm not gonna buy another one.

Any suggestions are appreciated

1 RE SX 12" would be a little bit above your budget but it would really get you pounding, or i would look into the 10" if i wanted to save a lil bit of money, just watch it with the gains a lil bit

Boxes are generally built around the sub though. That's the only way to get the best SQ out of the sub. Install is often a greater factor in the sound quality than the sub itself.

RE SX 12" would be sweet, they run about $250+shipping but I don't think you'll find a better sub that can take that kind of wattage. Only other thing I could suggest is say an Audiobahn AlumQ 12" look on ebay for one, i think they go for around $140+ shipping. Not too bad a sub for the money IMO. Audiobahn rates at I think 1000W RMS but I would take that with a grain of salt.

Or look for a slightly used RE HC 12". I've seen them go for around $150. The HC is the predecessor to the SX.

I can get the ALUM12Q pretty cheap. Its 6+6ohm dvc so the bp1200 should be able to get around that rms rating with 3 ohms. But I thought Audiobahn subs **** or is this one actually pretty good?

I was looking at the Audiobahn AW1206T, the rms rating is 1100, which is good for the amps rating but I've heard it sux and it is ugly. The surround is too big and the flames are whack.

Friends don't let friends drive Audiobahns.

Single 10" or 12" L7. (sealed) :up2someth

They sound great with good power. Plus you can get one new on Ebay for around $160.00.

HAHAHAHA THIS IS SOME FUNNY STUFF, you actually think the audiobahn alumq12 has good sq **** you need to go to a good car audio store and hear a w7 then say that again, go with the SX's or the L7's instead

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