What should a 12” sub ported box 500Rms at 2ohms sound like?


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Jul 26, 2020
I know it might be hard to describe with words but I’m just looking to gain some knowledge so I don’t get ripped off. Got all new equipment (amp and sub), had it tuned professionally and everything sounded amazing. I could feel the base in my chest it was soo good. Next day the sub blew so I went back to the store and he gave me a new one but this time he tuned it much lower. When I put my base knob to half, the bass coming from the front speakers is almost louder then the actual sub. Base knob on full volume I can hear the sub ok, nothing special. Is that what it’s supposed to sound like or did he just turn it down way to much?


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Aug 12, 2008
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well he obviously dialed it back to prevent replacing more subs from clueless user error trying to force more output than the subs can handle....to answer your question it should sound like this..... buuum bbooomm bbooom buumm ba boom boom

Greg B

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Jun 30, 2020
It depends on multiple factors like box design, sub and what car it’s in. I had a 400 rms amp and with a 10 in a prefab box it would shake the mirror and I could feel it thump. A 12 in custom box on the same amp did that with the knob about 1/3 up and was louder than I needed when I cranked it. That was in a midsize suv. The 10” would shake the whole car when I had it in a little hatchback.


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Jul 20, 2020
Lewisville, TX
I am guessing at power but my xtant 3300 was powering a first gen 12w6 on the mono channel. It was rated at 180 by one at 4 ohms, I had it at 3 ohms which should have given 296 watts. It was underrated and I don’t know what it actually put out but I would guess between 350 and 400 watts maybe 🤷‍♂️ The highest SPL score I got was 133.1 dB. This is in a 2 ft sealed box firing to the rear of the trunk. I had no rear speakers so there were holes in the rear deck. A movie theatre averages about 85 dB and so does a gas lawnmower. If I am understanding what I am reading correctly a THX certified theatre hits 125 dB peaks. These are all just references for you. How many watts are you actually pushing? What kind of vehicle? Everything affects the sound.

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