Voltage drops on Prius C


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Aug 17, 2021
Gents, yesterday I measured and found terrible voltage drops in my system.

The car is "Prius C" with batt 40Ah (no name brand, bought it one year ago brand new). Battery is not AGM
Woofer is RMS 250 (Alpine SWE1243E) + amp with RMS 300w at 4Ohms (RF R500X1D).
Front speakers are CDT-CL61 with stated total RMS 160 (not sure if it is so) and amp pushing them is D-class as well (Polk Audio D4000.4)

On peak loads it drops till 12.8v. If DRLs are on the voltage tries to maintain 13,6v, but on hard peaks it still drops. Measured it as on amp so on the battery
What could be the reason? bad aux battery? or my Prius cannot handle this power?
Many times noticed guys loaded much harder their hybrids with SPL woofers. Couldn't find what's going wrong with mine.

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