Upgrade stock stereo Mercedes 2108 GLS450


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Jul 18, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Unhappy camper here with the stock stereo. I went to a reputable car audio shop today, who had Austins and other MB's in the shop so felt they know their stuff. They had no particular experience with a GLS or for that matter a GL. I'd like to give them some "help" from others experiences, hopefully in this forum
First discussion was the sub. I don't want a 'box" in the trunk, so I found the replacement HK sub MB part listed in another site and saw it fits into the passenger side trunk wall behind the 3rd row seat panel. I removed the panel and saw the cavern stuffed with sound deadening pads. No wire was evident I did reach up to the rear side speaker area only to find a grill and no speaker.. at all. This is above the wheel well area. So lots of work. I can buy a HK sub for $500 and feel good about the fitment. I will replace all door speakers too. Next question is the location of the stock amp. Anyone know where that is? Most likely the shop will have to replace that with a +800 watt system compatible with the control unit up front. Shop said all four door panels will come off and replace stock speakers with high grade ones. The side tweeter, mid and base will provide some base too. All this will cost, I'm guessing, north of $2K. With this spent I won't know how well the new sound will be till the job is finished, so some risk. My other question is if anyone has gone through this process and has advice on components and sound quality after upgrading The deal I got on the MB Exec car was good, 3K miles so virtually new, had all the other bells and whistles. I can't for the life of me understand why this was configured with a stock stereo. I'll give up on surround speakers in the read 3rd row area and the center dash speaker probably and I don't want to get into a dash board head unit on a car with 4 years warranty left. Bad enough removing door panels.
Thanks in advance for any help here.
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