Two 4 guage wires or one 1/0 guage

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Ok, here the situation. I have a Hifonics brutus mp right know which is going to pushing my 15HC when I put in. It is already wired and fully installed. I plan to install another Hifonics Brutus so I can run the second 15HC off of it.

I have two options:

1) I take out the 4 guage wire I have now and run the 1/0 to the back of my car and use a distrobution block. (1/0 is expensive and I would be throwing away 4 guage wire)

2) I just run another 4 guage along and have both amps with seperate power wires to the battery.

So in summary, is it better to run a 1/0 guage wire to the rear or just run two 4 guage wire to the back since one is already in? (I am assuming all is fused properly.)

I seem to get different answers around and I want to know what people think I should do.

i would recomend using the 1/0 gauge wire,more current will flow through,also u might want ot got with dual batteries,and a battery isolator,only if you have a factory altenator,also it will look cleaner with one wire running instead of two wires,but this is my opinion,i do big custom jobs alot,and take no short cuts,u dont want to clip your subs,and regret it later on well hope this helps.

In all reality it makes no difference.

More or less it comes down to what you want to do with your install. The same amount of current will flow through 2 pieces of 4 gauge as will through 1 piece of 0 gauge.

Personally id go with 0 gauge becuase it does look cleaner.

Ya there is 2 gauge wire, but I would go with 2 runs of 4 gauge if money is an issue. 4 gauge can be had pretty cheap so do that. If you want a clean install, then I guess 1/0 would be the best. What I have done is gotten 20 feet of 1/0 gauge wire and I am going to take my 4 gauge out, use it to do the big 3 wires. Just another option.

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