Trying to install...failing...aggravation levels rising

Strickland Newbie
Sep 21, 2020
South Carolina
Alright I have a 1992 Chevy K-1500. The factory radio did not Work when I got the truck. I have bought a new radio (Pioneer), and new wiring kit and install kit. I finally located the stupid antenna wire inside the tuner beneath the dash. Now I’m thinking I have everything ready to go. Plug the wires in, turn the key and BOOM, nothing at all. Test light comes out and I have no power going to my radio nor my tuner. Also I have no power going to my cigarette lighter which I was simply going to tap into...I’m not a radio guy, I don’t know much about this stuff at all. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I just want some music in my truck without having to play pandora on my phone and wear a headset

hispls Veteran
10+ year member
Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Probably just opened a fuse. Some vehicles have fuse box somewhere inside and another up under the hood so if you don't find a burnt fuse under the dash or wherever see if there's another spot to look under the hood. Worst case scenario you can find +12 and ACC up by the ignition and run new wires.
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