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i have 2 pg ti 10's in a sealed box hooked up to a jbl600.1 i know bass boost is bad but i was wondering if turning it on a little is bad? the bass boost is 45hz and gives up to 6 db max. so if i put it up about 1/3 of the way would that be alright? so i would get a bass boost at 45 hz and below? is that how bass boost works.

Bass boost is basically a single-band EQ ... It's usually a high-Q (narrow band) boost with the peak in your case being at 45 Hz (the center frequency). Now, not knowing exactly what the Q is on that amp, I don't know exactly how great the bandwidth of the bass boost is and, therefore, I don't know how much the frequencies near the center frequency (45 Hz) will be boosted.
Just remember that a 3 dB boost means the amplifier is trying to double the power (Quadruple the power @ 6 dB) @ 45 Hz and it may result in clipping (depending on your gain setting/input voltage), especially at frequencies between 40 Hz and 50 Hz ...

hmm. i have 4 volt preouts on my h/u and my gain is at about 60% id say. no distortion whatsoever. will this make my subs move more? will the excursion be higher due to putting on the bass boost?

Excursion will be higher in the bandwidth that is boosted, since there will be more power through that bandwidth. Excursion will be increased the most at 45 Hz because that's where power will peak //
You should get a 45 Hz sine wave and measure the AC voltage on the outputs with a multimeter (V^2/R = Power) without boost (600 watts = 34.6 volts for a 2 ohm load, 24.5 volts for a 1 ohm load). If you wish to use boost, I'd raise boost so that it's no more than 650 watts at 45 Hz (36 volts @ 2 ohms, 25.5 volts @ 1 ohm)
cool. im just worried about the excursion because i had to do some minor surgery to 1 of my subs. the tinsel lead came off the terminal so i had to solder it. the 1st time i soldered it it came off after 20 min of playing. and i let my roomate "who knows how to solder" solder it the 2nd time. too bad he cut off alto of wire from the tinsel and now my tinsel only has a small arc in it. so im paranoid the subs will either snap the wire in half, or come off the terminal again. i put electrical tape on it and i just hope it never comes off. thats why im afraid to use a little bass boost. my bor has the same setup as me and says wit hthe bass boost it sounds alot better. but hes 17 and knows nothing.

You don't really need a subsonic filter, just to exercise self-control and logic. Basically, don't play anything below the tuning frequency and turn the volume down if you hear any popping noises or anything ...
how easy is it to port a box? im still debating whether or not to do it. does a ported box make the sub have less excursion?

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