Thoughts on Phoenix Gold Ti12Ds?

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Hey guys. I have a jeep cherokee and am looking at getting two Phoenix gold ti12ds. Ive found them for 180 so far online. I would be running them through a Hifonics 1000 amp. I think they are 4 ohms but im not to sure. Would the Hifonics be a good amp to run these through or should i got for the 1500 watt version? Any better subs out there for 180? Thanks, William

There are no better subs for 180 a pair. The hifonics should be good for the 12's. You could probably get the bx1500d and go easy on the gain for now, and then if you decide to upgrade later, you can. Also, yes, they are dual 4 ohm. I have the ti15d's and am running them off a visonik v900xd and i love them.

hey man thanks for the reply. sorry i didnt make it clear, there are some phoenixs for 180 a pair i think but the gold ti12s are 180 each i think. Please correct me if im wrong

Are the phoenixes more geared towards SPL or SQL? I want a 50/50 mix probably- also, im confused about ohms. If i have a 1000 watt mono amp, and the subs are 4 ohms, how much power will actually be going to them. They're 500 watts rms a piece and I want to make sure its enough. Thanks

i would say 50/50 mix. Check out the wiring and electrical forum on this site for wiring diagrams. That will show you how to wire two dual 4 ohm subs to get a 1 ohm final load.

Hey thanks. I just want to make sure a 1000 watt amp will be an accurate supply for two 4 ohm subs at 500rms. Im trying to decide between these or a 1 15" brahma. As mentioned SQL is a big deal but i would like it to be loud as well. What do you all think, thanks, Will

If you've got the money, a brahma would be sweet. I'm not sure how the displacement of 1 15" brahma would be compared to 2 12" ti's. The brahma will probably sound a little better, but the TI's are such a good deal...tough choice

i have a bed cut and im goign with 4 of those 12s, right now i only have 2 running off an abahn 1800watt amp so each is getting about 500 max ....... omfg the wipers shake off the glass and my door hinges rattle ...... then again, my box is *effing badace* soooooo i dunno. i know that when i get 4 im gonna have to buy some new ears though

they hit really HARD compared to other subs IMO .... i had some cheaper subs in the box and they hit lower freq's a lot easier (high 20s to low 30s) which these dont picik up as well. but when u get to 35-45hz with these thing it just makes pressure out the ass and actually HITS you with bass which no other subs ive heard have .......

heres my bedcut forum link with some pics -

ohhh ..... and DEFINATELY worth the price ..... and they are sechsay ..... and u can get SVC or DVC (4ohm) so i can hook 4 to one ohm or you could hook 2 to one ohm on a mono amp

Flat out a great sub at a great price. I'm currently running the 12" in 2.25 ported enclosure tuned at 25hz and love. It sounds so good and still getts plenty loud with 400 watts. While is more of an sq driver at can get quite loud.

My TI12 ported gets louder with 600 watts (recently upgraded amps) get louder than my sealed Brahma did. (of course that install took up alot less space. The Brahma definately has the edge in SQ but not by as much as one would believe.

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