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Hey everyone!

A good friend of mine asked me to find a good system for him to use (which made me grin) but then gave me a problem... she wanted it to be around 500 dollars for everything, meaning 2 12" subs, an amp, and the wiring and installation. So here is what i was thinking... please give input if you have any better ideas. I want to try to keep it cheap for her....

amp - JBL 1200.1

subs - either:

Kicker 03CVR12

RF RFP4212

and then i figure that the wiring and other various installation charges would be around 75-100 dollars depending on where she went. Does anyone have any other suggestions of a good system for her?



id down size to the 600.1 with those subs, it will save you in th elong run also.
how big of an amp would you say that i would need... the subs say that they are 400 watts RMS

I was thinking that the Kicker CVR's would be a nice fit for her car... two of those 12" subs in a good enclosure should sound nice.

However, the JBL 600.1 amp, from what i have heard, isn't as good of a quality amp as i would have liked to get her. Are there any other good amps that would power two CVR's properly that are in the 200-300 dollar range?

a hifonics bx1500d would work great on the punch hx2's they can take that power easy, they will run for about 280 shipped on ebay, also if you do all the wiring yourself, buy a 4 gauge wiring kit from ebay and make her a box, it will be way cheaper

also if you do all the wiring yourself, buy a 4 gauge wiring kit from ebay and make her a box, it will be way cheaper
Definately do the wiring for her! You'll probably save yourself $75 off of installation and wiring costs if you go ebay...that money can go to nicer equipment...just remember to fuse it right so her car doens't light on fire... :blow_up:

- Lost Cause

Yeah i wanted to wire it all myself (i have done several before) but the problem is that we only have a week left of school before we go home for summer, so she will be about 8 hours away from me, which kinda makes it hard to wire it for her. Otherwise i would.

Does anyone know anyone in the Chicago area who would do a good wiring job for cheaper than a place like Circuit City (where she is planning on going)?

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