Sundown team woofer vs DD 9915


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Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
ok cool,so you had some DCs ,did you like the DCs? did they hit the lows/ I never heard any DC Levels in person,just curious.
They sound peakier than the HDC3s but they still hit lows, sure they can easily hit lows with a lower tuned box.



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May 11, 2014
Ames, Iowa
I got my first pair of hdc3 18s in a trade. They work out okay but I knew their limitations when i did a direct swap to dc level 5 18s when i was running two and the DCs were way louder even at 2 ohms vs hdc3s at 1 ohm on a banda 7k. When I sold my dc level 5 18s, there was a pair of hdc3 motors for dirt cheap and the DC level 5 18s would cover the cost of recone, motor and enclosure while still having left over money for other stuff, basically trading motor force for cone area. Its a super budget build, i did not buy them new, its just what i had to work with. It is what it is man not trying to spend oodles of money running the brands i like.
I'd take SSA, incriminator and ascendant audio over soundqubed anyday. Only sundown Team series and Nightshades are the woofers i like from sundown.
The TFE was practically new, lol //



Team Lethal Pressure
Jan 22, 2010
Just looked at your wall.. bracing! That thing is sick..
Thanks man. One of my 4 2600s popped so I'm waiting on it to come back from repair. Was planning on finishing my roof and box while I was down but I've just been really busy.



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May 19, 2008
My DC's xl m1 18's murdered lows in a 13 cubes @ 29 hz.

To the title of the thread, sundown all the way.


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