subwoofer for Jaguar Convertible

nitro28 Newbie
Sep 25, 2020
Hello everyone, this is my first post. I have a 2017 Jaguar F Type R convertible and looking for some advice on adding a subwoofer to the factory system. The car has the 770w Meridian system which has two absolutely worthless 7 inch subs behind each seat. These little subs are mounted in a free air bracket that then has a foam ring to attach them to the carpeted part of the main cabin. They don't sound very good with the top up or down. The doors have an 8 inch woofer, but it appears to have some kind of low frequency cutoff because when you play tones below about 50Hz you don't hear much out of them. So this leaves me with two options. Either replace the rear subs with something like the JL Audio 6.5 subwoofer and try to fashion some kind of baffle for them or use a subwoofer in the trunk. The issue with the trunk is it is completely isolated from the cabin by a full metal wall and this is a convertible so not sure you will hear it with the top down. The issue with the stock location is it will be really difficult to try to create a sealed box in that location as they basically just have the bracket over a weird little cavity filled with wiring harnesses and seat belt mechanisms. The seats are too low to do any kind of under the seat subwoofer.

Just looking for any advice on adding a sub to this small convertible? I attached a picture of the stock subwoofer. This is a picture from the coupe but the wall back there is the same as my convertible.



Nov 6, 2013
I would start by replacing all the factory subs and speakers with better quality ones. If that improves your sound you can move on. My personal experience is that it will make a difference. If not, I would install a subwoofer in the trunk. I would get a hole saw and cut 3 or 4 - 4" holes in the metal wall, to allow the sound to escape from the trunk. Place the holes in strategic places to maintain the integrity of the wall. If you do any cutting, make sure that there is no wiring behind the panel where you are cutting.

That's how I would tackle the project. However, it's your car and you have to decide your course of action.
Good luck.

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