Subs... Subs... Subs... Please Help! Newbie!

Which Sub?

  • Phoenix Gold Octane-R 10d

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Kicker CompVR 03CVR104

    Votes: 17 77.3%
  • Infinity Reference 1032w

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • JBL GT Series GT100d

    Votes: 2 9.1%

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Im choosing between these 4 subs!

A. Phoenix Gold Octane-R 10d

B. Kicker CompVR 03CVR104

C. Infinity Reference 1032w

D. JBL GT Series GT100d

While we are at it, here are the Amps that im looking into!

E. Phoenix Gold Octane-R 4.0:2

F. Rockford Fosgate Power Series 351S

G. JBL PowerValve BP-300.1

H. MTX Audio Thunder282

Please pick a Woofer and an Amp combination.... im looking for nice SQ and wouldnt mind getting a little loud. I wont really consider anything else because im on a very tight budget and these products here are all i can afford.

I drive a Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab!


Out of ONLY those listed above...i would pick the kicker comp vr and either the JBL 300.1 or the MTX Thunder 282. BUT, how much are u wanting to spend total? Chances are there are a few other much better choices in also in the price range of those for what ur looking for. peace


Im looking to spend $150 total for two 10" subs and anywhere from $120-200 for an amp to power the subs. Not sure about the enclosure either, only thing thats for sure is that im not making one... mostlikely ill just buy a ported box for a shop around here but if anyone can recommend a box for under $100 to go with the subs, please let me know!

Well, in your situation i would prolly recommend 1 12" RE SE from (call for direct pricing) and a profile cl800 or even the ca1200 in a 2cube sealed enclosure custom built for you at

12" RE SE- about $160-170 (make sure dual2ohm)


cl800- $150 shipped (600 watts rms @ 4ohms

ca1200- $175 plus shipping (900 watts rms @4ohms)


this setup will sound amazing and get louder than those listed above. Plus u get more for your money. peace

If these are the subs you have decided on getting I would recommend the VR's, I only have good things to say about them for the price. As far as amp goes look into a BD500 off ebay.

ngsm13 made a good suggestion with the se's at least look around before you spend the money.

Thanks for all the replys.... i think im gonna get the CompVR, i got a chance to listen to both the JBLs and the Kicker subs today and i liked the Kicker better! they both sounded good enough for me but the Kickers seemed to have a little better sound.... the dealer told me he could cut me a deal and give me 2 for $220 but im gonna just get them from TheZeb... i had them pricematch and i can get the subs for $73.99 each!

So now that i know which subs im getting, which amp should i get? no more than $200, preferably one that i mentioned... i heard the JBL 300.1 hooked up to the JBL sub and it sounded purty nice, but will that be enough power for the CompVRs? they are rated at 300RMS and im told they can do more!

Anways thanks for all the replys and please suggest an amp!

Ebay is cool if the seller has good feedback. Put keyword MMats, theres a 500.1 that would be perfect for those subs, it puts out well over 500 watts and is one of the best manuf., you could buy. I have personally bought from him and had a problem with the amp a week later and he sent me a brand new one, no questions asked. Very professional the sellers name is wildfire#'s or something. Im telling you this presuming your getting dual 4 ohm vc's.

any other questions dont hesitate

Well, setup i listed will outperform what youre saying for your wants. BUT, i would go with a more powerful amplifier than the 300.1

the 300.1 would be great for ONE comp vr...look into the 600.1 or either of the two amps i listed above would work. peace


Well, setup i listed will outperform what youre saying for your wants. BUT, i would go with a more powerful amplifier than the 300.1the 300.1 would be great for ONE comp vr...look into the 600.1 or either of the two amps i listed above would work. peace

I agree, the setup he listed is a lot better, 2 subs doesn't mean it's better than 1, but anyways, go with the JBL 600.1 is really cheap on ebay and its an underrated amp the 1200.1 version does like 1400Wrms so the 600 probably does 700 at least.

There's a lot of real proffesional sellers on ebay, they all have like thousands of positive feedback, buy from them. Also look into the Adire audio Shiva. It's only $125 for 12in or the Tempest 15in. only $150. Any of those two will kill the VR and all the listed subs. Well, that's just what i would you if i was in your situation.

I have a jbl 600.1 from ebay to power 2 type r's and i have had no problem with this amp. I got it for 170 plus shipping from an ebay seller. Just make sure when buying from ebay that it says the product is BRAND NEW and that u are buying from a company with alot of transactions and at least a 97% good feedback

Thanks a lot guys.... so, you guys are saying that one 12" RE SE is much better than two 10" Kicker CompVRs? cause if it is than ill just go with one RE and later on when i get some extra money maybe get a second one!

Another thing, if i get the RE than im gonna need a class D amp right? and by the way will this one sub be able to sound louder than the two kickers? or will i just get much better overall sound?

I'd definitely go with RE over kicker but that's me anyway you could do 1 RE 12 vented with a good mono amp for under 300 to power it . and im sure you'd be satisfied.

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