Subs cuttin out at higher volume, whats wrong?

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Hello all, Im pretty much a noob at all this wiring stuff, I just did my first wiring job myself today. Installed a JL 500/1, 10w7, and a cap. Everything sounds great at a mid range to lower high volume, although when turning up the volume or bass the sub starts cutting out. I have all the guages on the amp turned down, I am really stumped on whats the problem here.

If anyone has any information on what may be happening I would very much like to hear what you have to say.

Thanks Very much!

ummmm... subs can't physically "cut out", that would be your amp. If it actually turns off at higher volumes that could very well be your HU output, if it turns on and off repeatedly at high volumes you might have a loose connection that it being shaken loose by the bass, or an internal short circut in the amp.

It also sounds like your ground is not good. As you increase the volume the amp will want to draw in more power. If it does not have a good exit point for the power (ground) it will cut out.

Take a volt meter and put it to the + and - on the amp. Turn the amp up and watch the volts. If they start falling off you know you have a power problem. It should read betwee 14.7 and 12 volts with the car running, and 12 with the car off. If it at anytime falls below 12 that is your problem.

I have a Kvt-911 kenwood deck, and I would be really pissed if it was the head unit. I am pretty sure that the wiring is all held down tightly. Its just when I turn the volume up I can tell that the sub is skipping beats that are there at lower volumes.

Keep comming with the ideas please, trial and error is all I can do I guess.


Try a new grounding point or trying making a better connection at the ground you have, sand off all paint and see if that helps

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