Sub unexpectedly disconnected over a bump

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Okay, so after one full day of listening to my first newly-installed sub, I went over a bump on lake shore drive and I noticed that I had NO BASS!!!

So I pull on the shoulder (yea, still on LSD) and check my wires - everything's still connected to the amp, so it must be where the box connects to the sub on the inside.

So, my question is, I have to un-drill (is that a word?) the screws, take out the sub, and reconnect the wires/terminals. What do I do next to get the sub affixed to the box again? Do I still drill in the same holes, or do I need new holes or what?

I had connected them with "quick-disconnects" on the inside, that were kinda loose (which I knew at the time, but only had those on me, and was too eager to pop the sub in my trunk).

I hate when you don't have terminals on you...if you'd look at my amp, you'd see no wire-connectors for the speaker terminals. Everything's just screwed and

Well I"m gonna have to take my sub out of my box too just to check the wiring. I'm hoping it'll go into the same holes. If not you can always use bigger screws. I hate doing stuff like that though. Wish I could just get it right the first time.

i feel you, mine disconnected too from the inside and i was counting down the days till it happened. i really dont wanna unscrew all those freakin screws and drill them back into the box, just seems like it'd be bad for the box especially cuz mine's cheap

You can drill in the same holes if you think it'll hold well.

You do have other options ... one being turning the sub so you drill into an unused section of wood.

If you don't want a turned logo, you can use the existing holes. Fill the hole with a carpenters glue and stuff tooth picks or scraps of wood in there. The wood will expand and fill the hole. Pre-drill and screw in as normal.

- Steve

I have switched subs and used the same holes and screws numerous times on my Q-logic boxes so I'm pretty sure you can just use the same screws and holes and you will be ok.

Yea I'm gonna use the same-size screws just cause the package I bought was a pack of 20 and I had only used 4 for getting the sub on the box. I knew if I tried re-drilling into the same hole and it doesn't hold well, that I'll have to use new holes - just didn't know if those old holes would create a problem.

Won't have the logo-turning problem cause I got an eD sub....

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