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I really wanted to get the hifonics brutus BX 1000 D amp and I only wanted 1 sub because I don't have the room for more than 1... I would like to get all 1000 watts out of the amp at 1 ohm (ill have to get a 2ohm dvc sub)

-What is a good powerful 12 or 15 inch sub would run at 2ohms dvc that is around 150 bucks?

pretty much the only sub that i found that is 2 ohm dvc and under 150 bucks is the MOFO subs by power acoustik and I dont even know if PA is any good. I found audiobahn subs are powerful too but I dont even wanna go there...

you could look into a magnum d2 or an ID MAX. I think both of those would sound pretty nice. i know someone on this forum just got the ID MAX/ bx1000d combo.

well if i have the brutus amp i can run a single dvc 4 ohm sub... that amp runs 2 ohms mono at 500 watts rms... i was just wondering if there are any subs for fairly cheap that are 2 ohms dvc so i could get max output from the amp at 1 ohm...

i have that amp and it really only works well at 1 ohm.i'm pushing 2cerwin vega 15swith it. A good speaker for that amp might be audiopipe txxap 12 bl. Its 2ohms dvc 800 watts rms and is about 130 +shipping. these subs hit hard.

How about an Alpine Type R? It's rated at 300W RMS but I've heard of people running a lot more. One member here (sirpsycho? was it) was running 1500W RMS to a Type R 12". I'd just be careful with the gain.

Check in the used market. I saw a RE HC 15" go for like $150 plus shipping somewhere. That would have been a great candidate for that amp.

You'll have to consult ebay to get an HC or try the classifieds section of this forum.

Anyway, an SX would be excellent for that amp even though it will run you about $250 for a 12". Mine is excellent when it comes to low clean bass. But I have a 15".

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