Sub stopped working out of no where

Dulderich Newbie
Sep 19, 2021
I have a soundstream rubicon 2500 D amp with a boss power capacitor hooked to a Sony xplod 1300 watt sub, I was headed to my buddies and they just quit, now when I hook them up it tries to stall my car and the sub pumps, it like goes in and out about an inch, but if I unhook the sub and leave the amp and my capacitor on my car runs fine, would this be an indicator that the sub is blown? Or something else could be wrong with my system


Senior VIP Member
10+ year member
Nov 22, 2007
That sounds like a ground loop. Check your amplifier grounds first.


Unapologetic prick
10+ year member
Oct 21, 2007
Do you have a fuse in your power wire?

Deiimos Regular
Apr 27, 2021
If you hook the sub back up and disconnect the RCA cables, then power it up, does it still pump? Sounds like the amp took a dump or maybe an RCA shield issue, which is somewhat unlikely unless something shorted to them.

DRBOOM Well Known
Nov 21, 2018
OK, it sounds like you are definitely over-powering your subwoofer as well. use a test speaker/ subwoofer with minimal gain, and see if your amp is still working. If it does, then that is good news. Secondly, check your subwoofer with a 0' at multimeter, connect probe terminals and depress the cone, and check reading that it does not go "0' at some point, which would indicate a fried voice coil. I would not recommend that you use that subwoofer again. With that much power on tap, you are better off going for a dual subwoofer system and in with that, you can turn the gain down on the amp so it runs more cooler and you get your dose of bass with dual subwoofer system. See if you can go dual 12's or dual 15's if your ride can accommodate it.

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