Stinger HPM3 vs Occ/Rhodium

marc2112 Elite
Oct 12, 2012
Montreal, Qc
I've been using an old short Stinger RCA for my headphone amp but I'll need its small connectors for my Audison soon so I went shopping. I wanted a quality cable without breaking the bank but I'm weak and stupid. You know how it goes... one thing lead to another. Let just say I'm gonna need a new bank.

Picked up a Chinese made occ cable with rhodium connectors.

Stinger HPM3:
Copper: Silver-plated OFC
Shielding: ??? (Double!)
Connectors: Aluminum (Chrome plated).
Price: $20

China High-End:
Copper: Silver-plated OCC
Shielding: Teflon
Connectors: Copper (Rhodium plated).
Price: $70

I was doubtful that I would notice a difference by simply swapping a 20" rca but yes; there is. Music sounds lighter or less convoluted if you prefer. It's like the sound breath easier now. The warmth is the same but with more details. The amp appears to be more silent at high volume when no song is playing also.

Is it worth it? I don't know.. I guess. I'm about to get a tube pre-amp and I suppose this was kind of unavoidable. But I'm happy so far. I'll do more test and comparisons later.

Once again OCD wins. I'm not gonna brag to my friends about my small $70 wire for sure LoL!






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