Starvison, Pyle, - what's good what's bad ?


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Hi all,

I'm hoping somebody can help me, first I just joined the list so hope to learn lots.

I've been on website for the past few days going over the LCD monitors they have available for video in the car.

I am lost, - What is garbage ? and what is good ? .... The Starvision 7.2" monitors are about $100, - will I be disappointed ?

I know I won't get a Sony quality LCD screen for $100, but I don't want to buy junk either. I've searched with Google for about an hour today and could not find one real review of any LCD monitor for the car.

I just don't know what is good and what is bad, - I"m looking for a LCD monitor that is in the $100 range, and has a Video input- no need for TV tuner.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


I posted this in another thread, but thought you could use it.----------

One of the biggest things you need to look for in a screen is the letters....TFT A lot of screens on ebay, etc say LCD and Hi-res and such, but if they don't say those 3 letters TFT, don't buy it. You'll see a huge difference, esp from other than a perfectly straight on angle. You'll also notice the price go up, but then you get what you pay for. Price is usually key on screens.

Hi "Foreman"

do you have an suggestions on monitors ?

Is Starvision basically the same crap that Pyle is ?

I should have figured out when they named their company "Pyle" that they were referring to the fact their products are a "pyle" of you know what.

I find it very disappointing also that there is not one forum that is really flying these days with info about stuff like this.

I have done a really good search with Google and cannot find a decent car forum that deals with audio and video, this site for example has basically no activity which is really sad, and I don't find it a great use of info.

I see many people here posting their thoughts ideas, and saying they bought this and that, but can't back it up with photos, or anything, so it's kind of useless getting info from people telling you to buy this or that, when they can't product proof they have bought it.

i'm a person who needs actual proof before buying a product, you can get 3 people saying they love Pyle products, but nobody can back it up with actual images of their purchase, it's like - 99% of them make false product reviews, and want to scoop up their monthly check.

it's depressing.

By the way, I'm not talking about you personally, I'm talking about others who have posted, and won't even respond to my question "did you buy one personally ? " or " can you show me some images ? " .... with a digital camera being so inexpensive today, everybody has one.

Stay away from Pyle and other "cheap crap" monitors you see on the net and on ebay. The quality is awful and it is hard to see from pictures and hard to explain it to you. When I started adding monitors to my car 2 years ago I started with monitors like Pyle and others, I was only thinking about tv's in the headrest and how "bling bling" it would look. But once installing them and really looking at the quality and viewing angles I knew I got what I paid for. Long story short, Pyle and other brands on eBay that go for $100-$150 are all cheap crap quality monitors. Picture quality isn't bright, colors and tint are off and angles that you can view the monitor from are limited. I don't know your budget but don't waste your money on these monitors. Alpine,Clarion and Pioneer are monitors you know are names you know but a company called "SAVV" have one of the best monitors money can buy IMO. SAVV monitors are not cheap LCD's from China and put in a different cover and sold. SAVV makes all there monitors and picture quality is amazing. The 5.6 monitors go for $200+ but its worth it. SAVV is hard to find on the net because you can only buy SAVV products from a authorized dealer but trust me its worth looking into. Searching on the net about car video is annoying and there really isn't much info on whats good. Most people will say the cheap monitors are good enough but why waste your money on junk. SAVV monitors are even used by the world famous 310 motoring here in L.A. So you can imagine there not puttin cheap quality monitors in cars like the ones they do. Hopefully all of this helps, I'll try to get some pics out to you but its hard to tell from pictures. But stay away from the cheap monitors you see on ebay and other sites. You can check out the SAVV lineup at

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