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I have heard the gothic subs in person. They don't sound bad and look pretty cool. But they do not hold power very good. Seen a punch 1000 wired correctly tear through 2 sets. They sound bad azz one minute then they just seize. Think the spider just can't handle the load and let's the VC get lose.

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We don't know that and neither does OP.

This setup doesn't make sense to me. That's about the cheapest high powered (number on the box) sub you can find. Then puts it on a JL audio amp, ( and I feel pretty confident they don't make a 1 ohm capable amp). I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they wired it to 4 ohms on a few hundred watts and blew the speaker. I'm trying to hold back my negative expectations for how I think this went and will go when/if we get more details.
Specs state 1 ohm stable or 2 ohms and 4 ohm on this JL amp???Just Like Big D says..They Be Lyin to Ya, Flat out Lying to ya.. LOL

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Since when is sundown the standard?
Since about the time they started selling on Woofersetc and the other big online retailers, it's a product most everybody has seen or heard about with a reputation for honest ratings. But fair enough, we could use Dayton Ultimax or Titanic, Adire Tempest, Kicker L7, Alpine type R, SSA Demon, or any other 2.5" coil woofer from any other company that has a track record of not lying about ratings and none of them are rated above 750W.

What about this scenario makes you think the OP is running a JL amp below what it's rated?
The fact that he has blown up two subwoofers so quickly.
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