Sound and Imports. Joliet, IL.


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Apr 9, 2008
Joliet, IL
I wasn't happy with my one (and final) encounter with Sound and Imports.

I bought an Alpine MRP-M850 Amp. First he said he could get it for $225.

I come in about a week later with the cash, and the calls his "guy" and now the price is $275.

I pay, reluctantly, and am told to come back in 2-3 days and he would have the amp for me.

So I show up in 3 days, giving him the extra day just in case anything happened.

I show up, there is nobody there three hours before posted closing time. WTF.

Show up the next two days, same problem.

Finally got someone in there, and was told "no, it's not here yet."

So I come back in another few days. Still no amp.

I ask him what I can do to get this thing, I've been wating now for more than double the time and $50 more than the original offer he stated.

I give up, and got an address from him of where he gets his stuff.

Some place up in Chicago, took about 40 minutes to get there from S&I...

I got some of my money from the guy who runs S&I, he said a "credit" he had at the shop would cover the rest.

Got there, the shop guy looked at me like I was purple with 3 arms. After a few phone calls, he got through with S&I and figured some stuff out (IDK.)

I ended up paying the shopkeeper in Chicago $250 for the amp, and the S&I guy $25 for a name and crappy directions.

But I also got a wiring kit from the guy at S&I. A four gauge kit.

Sure the casing was four gauge, but the wire is somewhere between 8 and 10. Not cool. I brought it up to him, and I get "well, this is what I use on all my installs and it doesn't give anyone problems." --- Well....yes....BUT I was sold a 4 GAUGE KIT and it definately was not. He didn't really even seem to care, he said "if you have any problems with it, come back and we'll talk."

Great CS there. yeah-not.



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Feb 11, 2009
BumFuk, IL
any know if there still open or tk sound wrks i cant find a #


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