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I'm trying to install a power acoustic 240w 4 channel amp in in a ford with sony(low grade) HU. I have power running to it, and i'm trying to run to 6x9 speakers of two of the channels. the problem i have is that i can't get sound out of the amp. i know it's not the amp bc i have two the same amps and i can't get sound out of either of them. i have the RCA running out the rear out on the HU and i'm only running the RCA's to two of the channels. What's wrong? Do i need to have RCAs running to all 4 channels on the amp or is there something else i'm missing. Thanx for help. latta. [email protected]



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Check the remote on wire from the back of the hu, I had a similar problem and a dead remote on wire was the cause. If thats not it try adding a splitter to the rca cords to see if sending signals to all 4 inputs does the trick or maybe the damed thing wont work unless you have speakers running off all channels in that case bridge the amp to make 2 bridged channels and plug the right output into channel a and the left into channel b(use splitters on the rca cords to the mono right and the mono left signal) that way you can run each speaker off of its own bridged channel (more power) and still keep a proper left and right stereo response. If that doesnt work try stopping by your local stereo shop and ask them to help.



I would also trace the power wire connections and check all the related fuses. Make sure your ground wire is running to a large sturdy bare piece of metal (usually the trunk is metal so I just sand the paint down to the metal). Also make sure the ground connection is tight. Even with just one RCA cord you should be getting some sound

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